Motivate. Inspire. Create real health in your organization. Presenting critical information regarding our industrialized food economy... 

Eatology 101 is a cutting-edge speaker series on holistic health and nutrition in the modern world, personalized for your audience, backed with countless studies, and ripe with doable take-aways for your team.

People are no longer in touch with their food or health. We have left our nutrients, and thereby our health, in the hands of factory food makers and pharmaceutical companies. The planet, and people, are sicker then we have ever been in history. Sure, some manage to live longer, but in what state? Attached to a chemo drip? No thanks.

We have better options: like taking control of our health and well-being through diet and lifestyle. Let's fix this! 

eatology lunch seminars

Shannon Nering is a former broadcaster & TV producer and a *Certified Holistic Nutritionist (*August 2017).

Perfect for an office noon-hour brown-bag series. Customizable for schools or your specific audience.

Note: school based seminars include a fun food demo and healthy treats for the kids. All seminars include hand-outs: dirty dozen, clean 15, my top 10 action steps, etc.


INTRO to your body, our food system, 10 steps you can take right now toward holistic health and wellness. 

1 - 1.5 hour Power Point presentation plus hand outs.


Rise of chronic disease, the role of hormones, the impact of stress, and what you can do now to avoid becoming a statistic.  


Body-mind-spirit connection, the rise of mental illness and the role of the gut, creating optimum health.  


pantry party

We prep, we organize, we eat, we learn. Here’s how:

1st. Pick a FOOD THEME you most want to learn about:

  1. Cave Girl - organic meats and earthy treats from the paleo ranch.

  2. Mermaid - seaweed & fish, Mother Nature’s gifts from the sea

  3. Sprouty Mama - sprouting grains/nuts/legumes, think dips & chips.

  4. Green Goddess - unique preparations for unusually tasty green treats.

2nd. Collect the ingredients for the night’s spread with your special shopping list; start prep.

3rd. I arrive early and we spend time going through your pantry, cupboards and fridge, tossing the bad and making lists for the new.

4th. Friends arrive and we begin the food demo: how to prep yummy, nutrient-rich, live (enzyme-rich), whole food appetizers and snacks.

5th. Enjoy the snacks it’s time for a Q & A. We’ll talk nutrition/food therapy to support your specific needs, from changing hormones to weight loss, to allergies and more.


Just invite 5 to 8 health conscious friends and get ready to pantry party! Before anyone arrives, I coach you on how to ditch the kitch of denatured/dead foods and replace with whole/live foods! We also clean out your supplement drawer. We then prep your appies based on your fave food theme, make it pretty, welcome the girls and begin our health Q&A.

By the end, you're in the know! And we will have taken your pantry items from denatured and nutrient poor, to whole and ALIVE!

The icing on the organic cake is that we do it with your friends, as socializing is a very important part of healthy eating. Please feel free to imbibe in the beverage of your choice, and/or delicious Kombucha (I have scobys available to make your own). 

Everyone leaves with lessons for quick, healthy food preparation to get you through your weekly routine; also tips for label reading, recipes for healthy apps & meals to have ready-to-go, and a weekend gratitude routine… personalized for your schedule, nutrition goals & commitment.


Let's bring your kitchen to life!