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The courts have spoken -- glyphosate/Round-up is poison and it's deep in our food supply. Learn here how to clear it from your tissues and let's DETOX together. Sign up for my Health Accountability Program = 5 x 20 minute sessions (includes a 1-hour intake) for $250 US plus tax and me as your accountability health coach for 5 weeks! Email me for deets! Remember, you can not heal unless you cleanse, and I don't mean with soap. Detox & Nourish! Repeat.

Pineapple Retreats on the island of Kauai is heeeeere... hosted by yours truly. Glorious! Go to the website to book your incredible half day of wellness. 

The 40-Girl's Guide is a web-series on the latest food therapy, lady-bits & the body-mind-spirit connection: foods to buy or ban, how to prep, who to call, detoxing, vitamins, minerals, hormones, gut biome, disease, cures, spirituality, the lot of it — served up with amore. As a longtime reality TV producer (Housewives, Dr. Phil, Bachelor), my goal is to deliver and uncover the truth in a way that’s deliciously fun, and share with you ways to live your best life. Sign up for my weekly WEBCAST & get ready to get well! Be sure to check out EATOLOGY & SHOGA for more great ways to thrive together...  

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and have studied nutrition and health for years. I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher 1000 hours+. Though my videos/ blogs are carefully researched, always check with your doctor/expert before taking health advice.


40Girls Guide HQ has moved! Here is my Christmas update from the Garden Isle. This is less info/learning/health 40GG video and more "what the H has that woman been up to?" Check it out!

Despite coffee's few good qualities (antioxidants and such), the net effect may be quite disastrous for your health. Learn here...


We blame so much on hormones: PMS, fatigue, accelerated aging, fat, forgetfulness, all sorts of chronic disease, not to mention menopause. Watch and learn how hormones run the body and the brain! Part 2 coming soon, how to manage hormone health.